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Booming Back!

The spectacular unlocking of modern Australian Myths bursts back as the famous Circus Oz booms back on stage with their contemporary high octane circs Model Citizens, with the first modern creation of the fresh blooming artist director Rob Tanion.

Designed in a dramatic, enchanting yet terrible model kit world, the acrobatic circus features the aesthetic cursed of Art blending its choreography’s charm of danger and fashion, accompanied with a breaking soul live music, illuminating lighting, death defying physical stunts and tricking blaze of amazement. Preferably, a world class night of acrobatics display that you should not missed.

The audience of this night will be taken into different places you never expect to find through the fictional yet real world of circus. Your journey of watching will constantly changed with the master of art of the ever-talented ensemble, unlocking how they come up being a model citizen in this fortunate country of this contemporary time.

The Arts Centre Gold Coast are offering Adults at Kid's prices for this performance, with family tickets available.

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